Day 1

I decided I'm going to follow myself and pay attention to any changes I may have trying Lumonol nootropics for the next 30 days. 


What it is:

Lumonol is a brain enhancing product. It claims to help with memory, attention, alertness and many other brain improvements. If you've ever seen the movie "Limitless," it's kind of like a very mild version of NZT. I'm hoping it works but we'll see. I'm suppose to take two capsules each day: once after breakfast and again after lunch. It's currently 11am on the first day and I've taken the first dose, roughly around 9am.

I'll keep updates as I see fit or if I see noticable changes.


Should be fun!

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Comments (1)

  1. thrivehive09

    let me know how it goes

    July 28, 2016