Definitely Over, but Not Done

It's for sure. D and I are not going to work. I saw her last night for a movie date. We went and saw that movie "The Night Before" with Seth Rogen. First of all, FUCKIN HILARIOUS! Great movie! Then again though, I like stupid stoner shit movies like Seth Rogen films. But if you like that stuff then you will definitely like this.

Moving on to the unfortunate part. We just didn't "click" at all last night. We met at the theater, quick kiss as we walked in and at that moment I knew that this was going to be odd. We got popcorn, candy and soda and went to our seats. Like I said, the movie was great. That was the best part. After, we decided to go get a drink and talk. It was awful. We got to this local bar and ordered a drink and we couldn't figure out what to talk about. It was bad and kinda awkward.


I think we both really just wanted it at the beginning and were trying to push past our differences, but in the end I think we both realized it just wasn't going to work. It was fun while it lasted. So we'll see where life takes me now. :) But D and I are Definitely Over.


I'm going to continue to write and blog on here. I think I had a bit of an emotional past few days and I thought this wasn't going to work but honestly what changed my mind were the people here. Whoever reads my posts and comments on them have always been positive and uplifting and it's very nice and refreshing. At least being able to feel that there are some people sort of on my side. :) So, thank you to all who have been nice and caring to me. I never expected anyone to read and let alone comment on my posts and it's been nice. So I'm going to keep this and who knows, maybe some really good stuff will come out of this. I'm excited to see where my life is going and I think by keeping this, I'll be able to reflect on my life.

Til the next eventful thing to happens to me...

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