Adult Fuck my brain

So, usually I don't have dreams at night. By choice. I've said I'm a cannabis user cause of a few reasons. One for "medical" if you wanna call it that. It helps my back relax and realign after being tense all day and it helps me sleep cause I have an issue with restless legs. So because of using cannabis, I usually don't have dreams cause I sleep strong enough through the night. But last night, I knew I didn't smoke as much as I usually do, just cause I was tired from a long day, AND I had a stupid vivid dream about my ex. That's the last thing I need in my head right now. I'm already depressed about being alone but that was not helpful at all. It was a sexual dream too, which really doesn't help since I'm trying to be less "pig-like" kinda how a lot of guys my age are. Unfortunately, society and self responsibility are to blame. I wish I had the self control I desire, but I still feel the deep want to just have sex. I hate being a guy sometimes. Some women can relate, sorta, but they'll never know what it's like to be a guy where you constantly have sex on the mind. I HATE IT!!! Today is getting more difficult as it goes on....fml.... hopefully it gets better...

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Comments (2)

  1. dincali

    Damn i know that feeling so well

    May 11, 2017
  2. arabica

    What you describe… is normal human functionality. Desire, and passion, contributes to our inner wellbeing ! If you’re not with a woman to release your sexual tension, don’t ever feel guilty about jerking off. That’s normal too, irrespective of what the sexually suppressed brigade may assert !

    June 27, 2017