going through the same shit

I want to start by saying I'm a very passive person. I don't believe getting upset or being angry will get you anywhere if there is an issue. You just have to breathe and deal with it in the best manner possible. With that being said... I'm about to go off on my apartment complex!

About a year ago, I was awaken in the middle of a very rainy night to water dripping on my bed. Then it began pouring out of the ceiling onto my bed. I contacted the apartment maintenance and they quickly came over and did a temporary fixer upper until morning. One month later, they said they had fixed the issue and I wouldn't have any more problems. I guess water was somehow coming in through the wall/roof and trickling down onto my ceiling and into my bedroom. Like I said before, I'm very passive and I understand that things happen. They compensated PART of my rent for that month and renters insurance took care of all the damaged items.

WELL GUESS WHAT I FUCKIN WOKE UP TO THIS MORNING!?!?! I'm pissed now. They should've hired a professional contracter to PERMANENTLY fix the issue. I'm not going through this again. That month of sleeping on an air mattress wasn't horrible, but I'm not paying almost a grand a month for this shit to happen again! I'm breaking my lease and I'm not paying any early termination fees. Fuck that! I just feel bad for the next guy that lives there cause I know they're not going to fix it properly again. That place is a mess.

Thanks for the vent.

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  1. thrivehive09

    that would piss me right off as well.

    January 05, 2016