My Will Over my Impulses

Someone close to me pointed out a flaw that most men have and one I had forgotten about and it made me think about it a lot more. To be the change. I'm a little tired of how sexualized we as a society have become. Everything is about sex. Advertisement for local gyms selling sex to bring in more customers. Reality tv shows using sex as a pull in for the audience. Men, including myself, think about sex a lot. I think I remember hearing somewhere that men think about sex, on average, about every 7 minutes. THAT'S A LOT! Don't get me confused though.. I've looked into the same study about women and it's not too far off from men. The point is, sex is constantly on a lot of our minds. Is that a problem or is it natural?


Well, in MY opinion, it's both. What do I mean? I don't think it's the fact that we all think about it and/or want it a lot. I think it's how we act on our thoughts. Having sex with your wife/husband/partner is completely fine. We can all agree on that as long as its always consensual, right? BUT, having sex while in a relationship with someone else that isn't your partner is not ok (I guess unless you have something worked out with your SO. Idk everyone's relationship or how it works. Everyone is different.) We have that little voice inside our head that says "yes do it" or "no, probably not a good idea," aka your concious, (probably didn't spell that right lol) for a reason. We should listen to it more often instead of giving into our immediate impulses. Were you ever told as a kid to think before you act? It should apply to everything! Even as adults. Even when you go out and drink. You can't keep making that an excuse to just "get laid." Shit gets spread when you do stuff like that. We definitely don't need anymore std's in our world.Someone commented on a prior post of mine and they had a great point. Get with someone who has the same ideas and principles as you do and you should be able to "release your tension" safely. 


The only reason I say all of this is because I don't think that anyone is the same and everyone's situation is different. But, I do believe we all have a choice and, with that will, we can either decide to do things based on impulse and selfishness or choose to do the right thing in the moment that we're placed in. Too many times I've heard of guys AND girls leading on someone for their own personal satisfaction. Whether is for sex or temporary emotional attachment, the naive person on the other end of the situation is the one getting hurt. And I don't say naive as in the person is dumb, but maybe they are just always optomistic about people and don't want to assume the worst. We don't stop and think about the whole end situation enough. 


Some people think that ALL males think about is ONLY sex and personal gain. Fortunately, that's not true. Some males do and some males don't, and some males do think about sex a lot but have the self discipline to not act and/or hurt someone by going about it wrong. As people, we are all different. Some of us are emotionally strong and some of us aren't. What a lot of us don't think about in these "moments of desire" is how it's going to affect the other person.


Yeah, you may have "mad game" bro and can "get all the chicks in the room," but what about that one girl that has recently gone through something difficult, that you have no clue about, and is deciding to go out and socialize again? And you use your "sweet moves" and "awesome abs" to convince this girl to go home with you. Yeah, you're both buzzed but she says yes anyway. You have, what you remember, somewhat of a great night and she Uber's home safely. Well, maybe the next day she wants to talk more and you were just in for a one nighter. Maybe she's very emotionally unstable. Maybe she has a self harming past that you weren't aware of. Maybe this is the last straw and she does something she can't take back. You would never know any of this because, in the moment, all you wanted was to get your rocks off. 


Now, I'm not saying that wanting to "get your rocks off" is bad. All I'm saying is that we should put more thought into it. Think about everything that goes into it and everything that will come from it. Finding someone that's like minded and wants the same as you is better for all sides. Wouldn't you agree? Let's continue to use sex as the example. Isn't it way better sex when that person also wants the same as you? I think so. But then again, this ENTIRE thing is based on MY opinion. Which may be relatable or may be completely opposite from what others think. 


Point of the whole thing is that I believe more thought should be put into relationships. On all levels. A one night stand is still a relationship, even if it's just for a night. When envolving another person into something you're doing, it's going to effect everyone. That is fact. Just personal thought, but take a moment to focus past your immediate impulses and remember that every interaction with another person will have an effect. So be the change and be the good person. We never know where someome else is in their walk through life.


Just my thoughts..

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