So easy

Why is it so easy to fall back into the same patterns you've pulled yourself out of? You'd think since you taught yourself once that it wasn't good for you that you'd be smart enough to not do it again. I guess not for all. At least me. The reason I got out of a relationship was cause, deep down, I knew it was toxic. So why am I letting it back in? Why don't I just rid of it for good? 100% be done with it! I need to talk to myself everyday about not going back and only pushing forward. I need to be deciplined with my goals. They will never be accomplished if I don't buckle down and avoid all distractions. I need to wake up! Stop thinkin with my "head" and start thinking with my brain and my heart! I can do this! I will do this! No more looking back. From now on, I only push forward. I'm going to create a new me! And it's gonna kick ass!

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