Well Shucks...

Well, there's definitley a reason I date for a while before getting into a relationship. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like D and myself are going to work out. I know, sounds sad right. That's how I felt at first. Well, that and like an idiot. I had spent so much time and effort into writing about how much I liked her and now it's all different. Well, you live and you learn right? Reasons? I found out that our core beliefs are different. She believes one way and I believe a different way. Cool thing is that when we talked about it she basically just said we should agree to disagree, but I can't do that when it comes to the deep stuff. I'm looking for a serious relationship and if we don't agree on important shit like that then what's the point in continuing. I don't want to waste her or my time for something that won't last. I think if I wasn't looking for a serious relationship right now and maybe just a girlfriend for a while then I'd be ok with agreeing with disagreeing, but I am looking for a serious relationship. Maybe even a future wife. But I'm ok with it not being her. I've had a great time with her since we've met and I think we'll pull out of this as friends. I hope. She's very mature and I think she'll understand my views on us. Well, I'll be seeing her tomorrow night and that's when I'm going to say something. I've never really ended dating before but I can't imagine it being too difficult. We'll see I guess.

Til then...

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Comments (4)

  1. bythesea

    That is the whole purpose of dating .. You can’t find this stuff out by not dating and there is a very low chance of getting it right the first time. Very very few get to hit that bullseye on the first throw.
    The idea is to enjoy the journey till you find the right one.

    December 01, 2015
    1. needingachange

      Yeah, and that’s how I need to think. To just have fun during this process and once I find that “special someone” I’m hoping I just Know. But, only time will tell. Thanks

      December 01, 2015
  2. Stickyicky

    Awww, I was rooting for you. Sorry that it didn’t work out.

    Dating is about finding the right person to compliment you, sometimes what compliments you won’t always be exactly the same.

    There are somethings Monkey and I don’t exactly see eye to eye or have similar core ideas, but we make it work.

    Every bodies different though, so keep searching friend.

    December 02, 2015
    1. needingachange

      Usually I’m good at looking past things but in this case, they were too different for “core reasons” that it wouldn’t work. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time. Thank you

      December 02, 2015