What I'm going to do now!

So, I'm back in the game. Thought I found someone I could date, but turned out it wasn't right for me. I'm honestly just glad I was able to see that and end it. Usually I would just stick around for the sex. Especially if it was great sex! My last relationship lasted 3 years cause of that. I know I know. That was pathetic, but I realize that now and I won't be doing that anymore. So now on to the next part of my life. Out looking again. Truly sucks but it's better than being with someone that doesn't really make you all around happy. I watched something recently about "how to get over your ex" and it kind of applies to my current situation. The guy says, first, just beat it. Literally. lol Ok, I can do that. Next step, just do you. Ok, I think I can do that too. A lot harder than it sounds, but I'll make it happen. I've set some goals to better myself so we'll see what I'm made of. And just so I have some sort of accountability, these are my goals:

1. Get into tip-top shape. Never had a six pack before and now I'm going to!

2. Buy a motorcycle like I've always wanted.

3. Finish my tattoo work, both sleeve and back piece.

4. Finish my home music studio.


I figure that after I finish these goals, then should start seriously looking for someone to share myself with. If something happens along the way then cool. but if not then no worries. This will be a fun transition for me but I will persevere through it all! By mid next year, I will be the best me I have ever been! That's a promise to myself. I will definitely keep posted and maybe with pics.

Really excited for this new step!

Til then...

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Comments (4)

  1. Stickyicky

    Still rooting for you!

    December 10, 2015
    1. needingachange

      Thank you!

      December 10, 2015
  2. shortness

    Its good that you know what you need to do

    January 07, 2016
  3. disneyprincess77

    Good plan! Honestly you have to make yourself happy before you can let anyone try to make you happy.

    January 08, 2016